Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Shaquille O'Neal on his new show, “Shaq’s Big Challenge,” on ABC.
Mr. O’Neal’s off-the-cuff advice, too, is unconventional. He encourages one overweight boy to cultivate a sense of humor to attract girls. When teased about your size, he says, try this retort:

“Yeah, I got a big stomach, but tell your girl to come rub on it.”


Floyd Mayweather Jr. on the challenge of fighting Ricky Hatton:

"I was retired but I'll sign to fight Hatton right now. I've tried to let the things he said about me slide by, but now he's 'dissing' me on national TV and I want to shut him up. I've never wanted to hurt an opponent like I do Hatton.

"Ricky Hatton cannot fight. He throws one punch at a time and then holds. Hatton is the most overrated fighter of the last 25 years."

I am sick and tired of boxers saying they are retired and then coming back and fighting a few months later. Do these guys know what retired means? Mayweather said farewell to boxing last month after beating Oscar De La Hoya, and all he has done since is talk trash with some Ultimate Fighters and now agree to take on Hatton. Sounds like he is really enjoying that time off. What will Mayweather's retirement include next, a rematch with De La Hoya?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Just when the NHL thought it could not get any worse, it turns out that the championship clinching game was lower rated than the Spanish telecast of the The CONCACAF Gold Cup final. This match pitted USA versus Mexico in championship of North and South American Soccer. This SOCCER matchup, yeah I said soccer attracted 41 percent more television households in the United States than the Stanley Cup finals clincher. This is an unbelievable rating stat, because like I said before, this was just the Spanish telecast. The English broadcast is not rated, but was available in 30 million homes. I can't wait to hear how the people in the league office for the NHL try to spin this to tell us how well Hockey is thriving in the US. I just don't buy the fact that those same people are shitting themselves when numbers like these come out.


A great article on Rumors and Rants about the boy who was going to revolutionize US Soccer, Freddy Adu. My guess is he has been spending too much time with JoJo instead of on the field. (Rumors and Rants)


This video might be a little long, but it is really funny. With the draft 2 days away, we must get our fill where we can. Here is to hoping Stephen A. is at the draft again this year. Who would have thought that the hosts get heckled at these type of events.

Tiger Will Never Win Another Major

Kiss your career goodbye, Tiger.

Oh, and just because we can chance to take a look, this is the harlot brought that little golf-legend-wrecker into the world...

Monday, June 25, 2007


By: Adam Pally

As the draft approaches, us knicks fans are getting more and more apthetic and resigned to the fact that it is going to be another mediocre year, and that Zeke is not going to pull off a blockbuster. So, I will suggest this blockbuster, and hope to god that someone can get this done...

3 way trade...

Atlanta gets
Channing Frye
Luke Ridnour
Damian Wilkens
New York Knicks 1st round pick

Seattle gets
Jamal Crawford
Jared Jeffries
Zaza Pachulia
Marvin Williams
Nate Robinson

New York gets
Ray Allen
Salim Stoudemire
Lorenzen Wright

ATLANTA -- Sends out Zaza and Marvin, but they bring in the Point Gurad they have wanted forever in Ridnour, a capable 4 who may or may not get better if he gets some heart, and a real nice gritty wing to compliment. They also free up some cap space by losing Zaza's mid level deal and Lorenzen's stupid contract. It hurts losing Marvin a former 2 who was selected before paul and dwill, but picking up the Knicks first rounder, eases the pain, and now they can select Horford 3, acie law 11, and then that wing that you know they are just itching to grab with 23... This will give Atlanta one of the best young nucleaus's in the league, if not the best...

Starting 5
Frye - C
Horford -- PF
Smith -- SF
Johnson -- SG
Ridnour -- PG

Key Bench
Josh Childress
Speedy Claxton
Damian Wilkens
Sheldon Williams
# 11 pick PG (Acie Law or Crittenton)
#23 pick (Daquon cook or Almond or Bellinelli)

Unloads Ray's contract for smaller parts a' la Chris Webber's kings deal. They bring in hometown fave's Jamal Crawford and Nate Robinson to spice up their back court, and then get what should have been a defensive specialst in Jeffries. If he can return to his level of play he had at Washington he can certainly help Seattle lock down someone, which is something they havent done since payton left. Add on top of that, a starting caliber center in Zaza who is highly under rated and you have a nice deal. But the cherry on top is Marvin Williams. A number 2 pick with number 1 talent, he can play anywhwere from the 4 to the 2, as does they number to pick seattle has coming in Kevin Durant. Now if you sign and trade Rashard Lewis for some nice parts, Swift develops to something more than an NBA Odoyle, you get a coach that plays in that D'antoni style, you could have the makings of one of the most exciting teams in the league.

Starting 5
C -- Chris Wilcox
PF -- Zaza
SF -- Kevin Durant
SG -- Marvin Williams
PG -- Jamal Crawford

Key Bench
Nate Robinson
Jared Jeffries
Robert Swift
And all those forigners/second round picks/pieces you pick up from a Lewis sign and trade

NEW YORK -- This is obvious... New York gets the shooters it has so desperately coveted since Eddy Curry became a beast on the inside. Granted Jesus Shuttlesworth is on the wrong side of 30, but the boy can still light it up, and Salim, when he's not sparking it up, is one of the best shooters in the world, and Zeke loves them Stoudemires. Sure they give up a draft pick, which is about the only good thing Isiah does, but they gain stuff better anyway. And if they can pick up a 2nd rounder this draft is deep enough, and Isiah has a good enough eye for talent, theyll pick something up in the end, plus, they signed Randolph Morris, who was first roudn talent anyway.

Starting 5
Curry -- C
Lee -- PF
Q-Rich -- SF
Allen -- SG
Starburry -- PG

Key Bench
Malik Rose/Jerome James
Randolph Morris

Unfortunately this trade wont happen because Lenny Wilkens will not trade with NY, Atlanta won't trade with anyone, and it is probably too good to be true. Alright idiots, rip it up.


With the individual workouts coming to a close and the draft coming up on Thursday here is my second and possibly final mock draft. These picks are what will happen if there are no trades made. Most likely there will be some moves made, so this mock draft will not be perfect.

1Greg Oden
7-0 C, Ohio State
-How do you pass on Oden? He is a monster in the middle on defense and has shown the offensive promise as well.
2Kevin Durant
6-10 SF, Texas
-A great consolation prize for the Sonics. Durant is the best offensive weapon to come out of school since that epic class of Lebron, Melo, and Wade. He is going to be a 20ppg guy from day one.
3Al Horford
6-10 PF, Florida
-Even though the Hawks went big with Sheldon Williams last year, they can't pass up on a talent like Horford. Horford is going to be an All Star PF for many years.
4Mike Conley
6-1 PG, Ohio State
-A lightning quick point guard who will push the tempo at all times and make teams respect the Grizzlies running game. Add him to Rudy Gay and Hakim Warrick and you have the foundation for a fast breaking team as good as any.
5Yi Jianlian
7-0 PF, China
-The first foreign player to be drafted. The Celtics are looking to move this pick for a veteran player who can help get them to the playoffs, but if they can not look for Yi to get picked.
Corey Brewer
6-8 SG, Florida
Brewer is a lock down defender who can help Redd out by getting to the bucket with ease.
7Spencer Hawes
7-1 C, Washington
-Hawes will provide the T'Wolves with the big body to play next to Garnett, that they have been looking for. Hawes is an offensive talent who will have to get better on the boards.
8Jeff Green
6-10 SF, Georgetown
-A playmaker who can help pg Raymond Felton out. Felton needs help on offense, and while Green is not a great scorer yet, he will help the team get into a flow.
9Brandan Wright
6-10 PF, North Carolina
-The Bulls are the beneficiary of a Wright slide. He slides because teams realize how young and unprepared he is, but the Bulls are the perfect spot for him to go. Tyrus Thomas and Wright would give the Bulls 2 great talents at the PF spot to use in a trade for a veteran.
10Joakim Noah
7-0 PF, Florida
-All energy all the time. The Kings need help selling their team to the fans, and Noah's enthusiasm can help do that. Imagine him and Ron Artest diving all over the court and collecting every rebound.
11Acie Law
6-4 PG, Texas A&M
-Finally the Hawks get themselves a point guard. Law is a fearless shooter, but not a setup guy. He will give them offense, but have a hard time getting his teammates involved.
12Al Thornton
6-7 SF, Florida State
-The perfect complement to Andre Igudola. He is a jump shooter who is athletic enough to put it on the floor. Probably the 2nd best scorer in the draft.
13Nick Young
6-7 SG, USC
-A slasher who can take the place of Desmond Mason. Young would look great on the receiving end of a Chris Paul pass on the break.
14Javaris Crittenton
6-5 PG, Georgia Tech
-The point guard of the future now that Sean Livingston is a question mark to return healthy. Crittenton has a great jump shot and handle, but needs to learn how to run a squad.
15Julian Wright
6-9 SF, Kansas
-Wright's slide is not that shocking, since he has not shown a consistent jumper in his workouts.
16Jason Smith
7-0 PF, Colorado State
-A big man who can help spread the floor for the Wizards. Does not provide them with the defensive help they need up front, but he will help put points on the board.
17Sean Williams
6-10 C, Boston College
-Has refused to work out of the Nets, but I still think they will draft him. He is exactly what the team needs; Size and Defense.
18Gabe Pruitt
6-4 PG, USC
-A solid PG who would help Baron Davis get rest during the regular season, so he can be fresh for the playoffs.
19Thaddeus Young
6-8 SF, Georgia Tech
-An athletic wing, whose talent far exceeds his draft position. He has the talent to become an effective NBA player, so lets see if he has the drive.
20Rodney Stuckey
6-5 SG, Eastern Wash.
-A combo guard that would be perfect next to D.Wade in the backcourt. His shooting touch would help keep defenses honest.
21Josh McRoberts
6-10 PF, Duke
-The 76ers need help at power forward, but can McRoberts be that guy. He has the talent to be a starter, but he has always been soft. Not a strong finisher around the hoop, even though he is capable of using either hand.
22Morris Almond
6-6 SG, Rice
-Another piece to the puzzle for the Bobcats. They need help scoring and Almond's specialty is just that.
23Wilson Chandler
6-8 SF, DePaul
-Rumors have it that the Knicks have given Chandler a promise at this pick. Lets see if Isiah finds another role player again or can he finally get a star?
24Rudy Fernandez
6-6 SG, Spain
-One of the best combo guards in Europe, but will have to stay overseas for another year.
25Derrick Byars
6-7 SF, Vanderbilt
-Byars has the size and shooting touch to find a place in the league, now only if he had the athleticism. Think Rasual Butler.
26Nick Fazekas
6-11 PF, Nevada
-The Rockets love big men who can step out to the 3 point line and take pressure off of Yao and TMac.
27Marco Belinelli
6-6 SG, Italy
-Torched team USA last summer from all over the court. A bit soft, but can stroke it from deep. Would be a clone of Richard Hamilton.
28Glen Davis
6-9 PF, LSU
-If Davis can keep his weight down, he would be a great help to the Spurs, by giving them a big man to come off of the bench that can score. Perfect fit for Davis.
29Tiago Splitter
7-0 PF, Brazil
-Another player that the Suns can keep abroad for year of 2. Splitter is a hard worker on D and on the glass.
30Daequan Cook
6-6 SG, Ohio State
-I doubt the 76ers keep all three first round picks, but if they do look for them to take a chance on a point guard prospect. In a draft weak with pg's, Cook is the best bet at this point.


Here is the an episode from a new series Bronx World Travelers that a friend of mine created. The series focuses on the Washington Colonels, the team that loses every game to the Bronx World Travelers (think Harlem Globetrotters). In the first episode we see the Washington Colonels' coach in a press conference after their 125th loss in a row. Funny stuff.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Ted Williams is a Grump

HDTV Stikes Again

More in "Guys I Don't Need to See in High-Def" - the Julian Tavarez edition.

Listen, I love the guy, he is weird and total chums with Manny but you need to look at face. Damn he is ugly. I watched the Sox/Braves in regular TV and I could have crammed peanut butter in his acne scars. I am not saying I wouldn't blast him. But I would close my eyes.

The Pirates: Laugh To Keep From Crying

I love the Pirates. They are my baseball team #1. And I saw this on-line, less than 2 weeks after the Sopranos finale: A spot on in-game parody involving the Parrot and other organizations characters (those are perogies, by the way, and they race each other on field between innings at PNC Park).

You think I would bee pleased by this clever little clip. NO. Not at all. Why are they good at this and SUCK at giving me a decent baseballl team to watch. I hate the Pirates ownership. The controlling owner is named "Nutting" which is exactly what he has been doing all over Pirates fans for a decade. Give us a beautiful stadium, but nothing to put in it. Great videos, but awful highlights (we just got shut out by Jeff Weaver, who had previously been 0-6 with a double sigit ERA). All the bells and whistles, but don't the bells and whistles need to be attached to something, like a train, even a merry-go-round would be good.

Being a Pirate fan these days is like living in exile of a once proudd country, waiting for the revolutionary coup that never comes:
Actual protest have been scheduled -
As well as -

Where have you gone, Andy Van Slyke? (

Keep up the fight, comrades.
But maybe, to be more accurate, its what my cousin John told me before this season:
Being a Pirate fan is like having colon cancer


BALLS OF FURY (preview)
From the guys who brought you Reno 911, comes a story about the underground world of Ping Pong. Are you all serious? While we think this is going to have it's funny moments, and be a repeat viewing, why do we have to revert back to the old cliche of underground world of some lame sport? Is that seriously the only way to make it funny or sell it?

GRACIE (preview)
One Girls fight to play on the boys high school soccer team after her brother dies in a car accident. This is the Davis Guggenheim's follow up to the Academy Award winning film, "An Inconvenient Truth." This movie stars every out of work actor you recognize from the 90's, most notably Elisabeth and Andrew Shue. It is the first time that this brother-sister combo will grace the big screen together, and the first time since Melrose Place got cancelled in 1998 that Andrew has gotten a part in anything.

MR. WOODCOCK (preview)
If I wanted to see Billy Bob Thorton as an asshole coach I would have rented Friday Night Lights, Bad News Bears, or School For Scoundrels. Why would I need to pay $ to see that again? He must be taking career advice from Al Pacino, who has made a living over the last 10 years just by picking parts in which he can yell.

THE GAMEPLAN (preview)
Anybody want to see The Rock as a star football player whose team is turned upside down when he realizes he has a daughter? I didn't think so.


US needed a questionable call to advance to the Gold Cup Final over Canada. C'mon guys we can't even beat Canada easily? US Soccer continues to struggle despite all the talk how they are beginning to turn the corner. Being a sports fan, you know your team will inevitably struggle at times, but this is getting ridiculous. This team struggles almost every game they play. I would say it is time to look outside for a coach, but we did that after the World Cup and nobody wanted the job. The outside world looked at the head coaching spot like it were the plague. Can you blame them? Coaching the team is a thankless job, because Soccer is so far down on the national radar, that if they start to win, fans will say 'what took them so long,' and if they keep losing, there will just be 'I told you so's' thrown around.
Here is a recap of the game. (ESPN)

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Take a look at the blog, Thank You Isiah, to get a good sense of the ridiculous bets I am willing to make when I am drunk. This is a website devoted to all news pertaining to the Chicago Bulls, so you might be wondering how I ever got involved in a drunken bet with one of their writers? Well apparently they had to explain it to their readers as well. Here is an excerpt from a posting from my friend Brian Cook, who apparently writes for TYI:

"How is any of this Bulls-related, you ask? Good question, and I have an even better answer. Although I'm sure he hopes I've forgotten, this past December, Tim made me a drunken $20 wager that Luol Deng would never average 20 points a game over a full season. (I initially said that he would one day average 25, but Tim was audacious, perhaps magnanimous enough to lower that to 20.) I'm expecting that to happen by the end of the '07-'08 season, so three or four of my drinks at my high school's annual reunion in December 2008 are going to be courtesy of Tim. I'm looking forward to them."

Well Brian after watching Deng dismantle the Heat in the playoffs, I have a feeling I am going to be mailing you $20, yet my manhood will not let me beg for a take back. Many things can happen to deter Deng from getting that 20 a game, like him getting traded to LA for Kobe or someone else on his team being traded for Kobe. No chance Deng ever gets 20ppg with a guy like Kobe on the team. Till Deng gets 20 a game, I will think of myself as the winner of this bet. Cook, looks like you owe me a lot of drinks this Christmas.

HIT LIST for 6/21/07

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pacman To Face Two Felonies


After two dugout fights this season with pitchers, Cubs catcher Michael Barrett has been shipped to San Diego for a couple of no namers. Barrett who has been a fighter his whole life, apparently was not welcomed in the clubhouse anymore. I guess you can fight other teams as much as you want, but when it comes to your own teammates, no matter the situation, you can't touch them. The Cubs did the right thing here, by sending Barrett packing. You can't have a clubhouse situation like this if you are expecting to compete for a ring. Lord knows there will always be teammates who do not like each other, that is human nature, but you have to put those differences aside if you want to win. Barrett obviously could not do that, and for that he earned a one way ticket out of town.


As I was scouring the sports pages this morning, much to my delight I came across my favorite restaurant. I had to have a double take, because what would PYROGRILL be doing on the cover of the Palm Beach Post sports section? Turns out that the restaurant is located right near a minor league baseball stadium and has become a favorite of minor league players and major leaguers on rehab stints. None of this surprises me. If you are ever in South Florida, you have to check it out.
Here is the article from the Post (Palm Beach Post)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Looks like Baker's post playing days look a lot like his playing days. I guess that is what happens when you are an alcoholic. (ESPN)


With the baseball season creeping up on the midway point, teams in contention often turn their attention toward adding that final piece to the puzzle to win the World Series. One of those players that teams in contention might seriously consider is San Francisco Giant outfielder Barry Bonds. Bonds is hitting around .300 with 14 home runs, which would be a great boost to any team in need of power. Bonds no longer is a defensive dynamo, so look for American League teams to be the main teams in pursuit, since they can keep him as a DH. Giants GM Brian Sabean was quoted in the San Jose Mercury News, "I don't know if there is [a chance], because of all the factors involved," Sabean told the newspaper. "And it wouldn't be my decision unilaterally. So it's a complicated question and it's not a simple answer."

Would San Fran really trade the face of their organization after 14 great, and turbulent, seasons? San Fran is the only city where Bonds is still cheered, so why would Bonds waive his no trade clause to go to a town where he has most likely been booed? Well because Bonds knows as well as anyone, how easily fans flip flop on players, once they join their squad. You think Yankees fans ever could have seen themselves rooting for Johnny Damon when he was sending them packing in the playoffs while with the Red Sox? No chance, and that is what Bonds would have to believe as well. No matter what happens with the steroid issue, he will undoubtedly go down as one of the better hitters of all time. It was not long ago that he was one of the best fielders as well, but age and injuries have depleted him of that legacy. This is why Bonds has to seriously look at a move to an American League team.

Bonds would be able to cement his legacy as a hitter, let fans forget his terrible play in the outfield, and still chase the championship that has eluded him his whole career. Bonds has no chance to collect a ring in San Fran, which is the main driving force for him to agree to a trade. All this being said, it is difficult for me to see San Fran trading Bonds away, at least until he breaks Hank Aaron's home run record. There has been so much hoopla about this record going down, and the Giants are tied to this. It would be too strange to see Bonds hitting all those homers for San Fran throughout the years and then break the record as a member of the Cleveland Giants. Just too much for anyone involved to deal with. So as Bonds put it so eloquently, "I'm stuck here."

Monday, June 18, 2007


Whether it is on the field or in the stands, baseball has given us some great fighting moments. Here is a look at 2 of the funniest:



Beckham bids farewell to European soccer the only way he knows how, with kisses. Welcome to America David, where soccer has come to die. I wish you all the luck in the world, in changing the fate of American soccer, but if Pele could not do it, what makes you think you can?


Nothing better than a white guy trying to reclaim the game of basketball by raising the rims. According to the mind of Tom Newell, former Sonics coach, by heightening the rims, it will take away athletic advantages and make the game focus purely on skill sets. Newell would like to turn every team into the San Antonio Spurs, where the focus is on team play and fundamentals. While it would be nice to see more teams play like the Spurs, the NBA would be in serious trouble for ratings and attendance. Newell does not seem to have a clue at how global the game of basketball has become, and that globalization attracted people of all different skill sets. What would Steve Nash's fundamental basketball look like without Shawn Marion flashing to the hoop for a tomahawk jam? This is part of the game, and Newell and his counterparts will just have to deal with that.

While there is definitely room to improve the game by players improving their skill set, Newell is going about it the wrong way. The core of this issue points out how many American players have not developed as players, while they got by on their athletic attributes, but as we saw with the NBA Finals this year, or recent international competition, team basketball will prevail in the end. American basketball has been undergoing a change in focus and it will trickle down into our colleges and high schools in due time. No rash moves need be made just yet. NBA GM's have taken note of the Spurs ways of success and are beginning to clone it with their ballclubs. Take a look at Toronto and don't tell me they looked at what the Spurs were doing, and are trying to replicate it.

Friday, June 15, 2007

HIT LIST for 6/15/07

  • Ever wanted to know what it is like to masturbate in public? Just ask former NBA player Byron Houston. (Larry Brown Sports)
  • Sidney Crosby gets rewarded for saving the NHL. (ESPN)
  • Whats next after leading your team to the National Championship, winning the Heisman Trophy, and playing 11 NBA seasons? Coaching high school basketball? Wait, he is an assistant coach on this HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL team? (Sports Illustrated)
  • Baron Davis hasn't been busy since his team got ousted by the Jazz.


If a Spur wins a championship and nobody's there to watch it, did they really win? I don't know why I just can't congratulate the Spurs on winning the championship, without feeling the need to tarnish it in some way.
All I want to talk about today is how injuries and suspensions kept the playoffs from being exciting. It is really a shame when the first round of the playoffs is more exciting and competitive than the NBA Finals. Has it been that long since every fan was gushing about how exciting it was to watch Golden State dismantle the Dallas Mavericks? Don Nelson's small ball completely threw Nowitzki for a loop, tarnishing his MVP award along the way.
Not only was that series fun, but I would go as far as to say that the Nuggets gave the Spurs a better run for their money in the first round than the Cavs did in the championship game. That's how loaded the Western Conference was this year. Any team from the West would have come out of the Eastern Conference this year to represent. With Dwayne Wade's injury, the Heat had no shot at defending their championship, as the rest of the Heat looked old. If Antoine Walker never shoots another ill-advised three pointer again, I can die in peace. The rest of the East looked no better.
With the top two picks going to Western Conference teams, parity among conferences seems to be far away, so once again we will have to tune in to the first 3 rounds of the Western Conference playoffs for some real fun. Imagine a Suns team without any suspended players and another big man that they traded Shawn Marion for going against the Spurs in a 7 game series. The Spurs will be a year older, but do not expect them to slow down. They are the best coached team in the game, and with Tony Parker running the point, the pace will still be pushed.
So here we go into another NBA offseason, where every team will be making changes that their fans will spin into title dreams. This is time for teams to sell tickets, so get ready for reports how Nazr Mohamed is the missing piece to a title or how the big signing of Vince Carter will put a team like the Bobcats into the finals. Good luck fans on keeping your heads above water, with all that is going to go on in the offseason.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

National BORING Association

Last night the Houston Rockets agreed to trade Juwan Howard to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Mike James, and I ask you who cares? Not even this can get fans to tune back in. Until the Eastern Conference gets a solid team that could compete with the Western Conference powers fans will continue to tune out the NBA.

Don't Look Back Red Sox

Yanks have won their 8th in a row and I am still not aloud to talk about them if Jackie were to have her way. A-Rod hit homer number 25 on the season, which puts him on pace to break Roger Maris's record by the All Star Game. A-Rod has put the turmoil of his stripper girlfriends on the backburner, as he has put together an amazing run for the home run record. Is it blasphamy, to talk about a home run record that does not include Hank Aaron? Would Bud Selig show up if/when A-Rod breaks the single season home run record?

The Rock Takes Time From His Busy Movie Schedule To Fight Tonight

Former Heavyweight Champion Hasim Rahman fights tonight on some channel I could not find on my tv, Versus. If anyone has this channel please tivo this for me. I would love to see Rahman in action again, if anything just to get the image above out of my head.

For a breakdown of The Rock's career (Wikipedia)

Happy Birthday Dirk Nowitzki

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Andre "Bad Money Management" Rison (Deadspin)

Just another NBA Mock Draft (Sports Illustrated)

John Daly can't even win at home. (Deadspin)

The Cavs Are Done!

So we are 3 games into the NBA Finals and San Antonio has cemented their place as the best team in the NBA. They have completely dismantled the Cavs, taking them out of their offensive flow, which was clearly LeBron going one on one. This has been effective for the whole playoffs, but he had yet to play a defender so aggressive and a team so defensively disciplined. Bowen has forced LeBron to catch the ball further out than he is used to, while still being quick enough to move his feet in order to keep LeBron from blowing by him. These two things have allowed the Spurs team to rotate effectively in order to keep the Cavs out of a rhythm. LeBron has never been effective as a jump shooter, nor have his teammates, and the Spurs are forcing them to be.

Outside of Daniel Gibson, nobody on the Cavs team has been able to elevate their game to the level needed to win an NBA championship. I am including LeBron in this grouping as well, because while he does need help from teamates to win a game, he has taken too long each game to be aggressive. He has waited till the fourth quarter of each game to attack the rim. When he attacks, he allows his teammates to gain confidence and not letting Bowen dictate his game. This is the LeBron that the Cavs needed for all 4 quarters of each game. He is the only offensive weapon on his team, and he showed in the Pistons series that he was capable of putting his team on his back for a whole game. He has yet to do that in this series, thus the Cavs are on the verge of elimination. Anybody want to still compare LeBron to MJ?

I am not delusional enough to think LeBron being aggressive for 4 quarters would have been all it takes to beat the Spurs, but I do believe it would have made the games more interesting. The fact remains that the Cavs are not a good team, and the Spurs are a great one. The Spurs have showed season after season, that they are the class of the league. While other teams tinker with lineups, the Spurs give you the same look every night. They are not shy about the sets they run, but they do them so effectively that they don't care if you know. It all starts with Duncan, the best big man of his generation, setting the tempo on offense and defense. He is a very unselfish superstar, often deferring on and off the court to teammates. Boring to some, amazing to others, Duncan is the MVP of this league season after season, but his stats aren't flashy enough for the writers to talk about. He is to basketball what Tom Brady is to football. So the Spurs will win another championship, and the rest of the NBA will admire them, while casual fans will call them old and boring. Well here is to old and boring then, congratulations once again.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Best Billboard Ever

'Oden : Honk Once' & for 'Durant: Honk Twice'
'Who Will It Be At #1?'

A Tale Of 2 Fighters

After their battle in Las Vegas recently both Rampage Jackson and Chuck Liddell blew off a little steam. It sure does not look like Liddell was the loser when all was said and done.

Rampage Jackson is boring:

Bonds Hits #747

Cheaters never win, but they do get great highlight tapes made of them.


Serena Williams doing her best Kim Kardashian impersonation.

Damn you HDTV

I'm dogsitting for friends this weekend and I am blessed to have HDTV to waste my days away with. HDTV is amazing...until a man like this comes on the screen.

Holy shit! I nearly wretched. I will keep you informed of other players that should wipe Vaseline on their faces before games so we have a bit of a filter on their ugly mugs...

Pippen Still Not A STAR

According to Darren Rovel at CNBC, former NBA star Scottie Pippen is finding creative ways to make money because he can't seem to hold on to it. "Pippen made about $110 million throughout his NBA career, but let us remind you why he needs this. He lost $27 million in bad investments and, as of February, he owed $5 million to a bank for a dispute with a private jet company. And he just sold a 2.28-acre property with 18,700-square foot mansion sitting on it for $2.95 million. He and his wife paid $4 million for it in 2000."

Pippen is now collecting government money for land he controls in Arkansas. I guess he is looking for anyway these days to make a buck, since that comeback attempt last year fell on deaf ears. I have mixed feelings about Pippen's playing career, cause on one hand he single handily took down Charles Barkley's last chance at a title while playing together in Houston, but on the other hand he really truly was one of the best players of his generation.

Pippen' career will always get compared to Jordan, cause of all the years they played together at the top of the NBA. However, we can put all those comparisons to rest, cause Pippen was never the player that Jordan was, but Jordan would also have never one those titles without him. They were a perfect match for each other on the court. Off the court, there were always rumors swirling that they did not get along, mainly because Pippen had a hard time playing second fiddle there as well.

Since I could not find any footage of Pippen's farming highlights, I thought I would include a highlight film of his NBA days.


I love Pittsburgh and our fans. I went to Yankee Stadium to see the Pirates get swept interleagally by the f'n Yank Offs. I even saw them lose the game of Roger Clemens' return (even though the game was tied 3-3 when he left). But this dude brought up my spirits when he took off his Steelers jersey to reveal this shirt. If the visual metaphor doesn't explain itself, it said "FLESH ROCKET" on the back. So, thanks 'Burgh dude. Welcome back to an Asshole in Pinstripes. And training camp is just around the corner.

Monday, June 11, 2007

LeBron Bron is LeBor Boring

Looks like nobody cares about Lebron James after all. The NBA has to be shitting themselves as the supposed savior of the league can't seem to get anyone to watch the games. The NBA finals had its lowest rating ever for an opening game of an NBA Finals ever. Might it be time to establish a new playoff system where every team is reseeded after the regular season? John Hollinger from ESPN thinks so (ESPN)

Whose House Is It? Chad's House

Cincinnati Bengal wide reciever took on a horse this weekend and beat it soundly. Sounds exciting? Not really, cause Johnson got a 100 meter head start. It looked like Johnson was at the finish line when the horse just got started. Johnson might have not created the excitement that we are accustomed from him this time around, but I did find footage of Johnson's stand up routine that will.

Now We Know Why The Cubs Really Suck

"He came to me the next day, and he apologized, and I apologized to him, and we cried...I still love him." - Carlos Zambrano

Zambrano on his reconciliation with Cubs catcher Michael Barrett after a locker room fight, that sent Barrett to the hospital.

Today's Top Stories

DerMarr Johnson gets tased outside a nightclub. What's funnier than watching a 6-9 guy dropped to the floor (ESPN)

Jeff Samardzija apparently chose the wrong sport (Lion In Oil)

Kobe still trying to make up for raping that poor girl (Bossip)

Can one fight save boxing? (Larry Brown Sports)

Time to drop Federer out of the same conversations as MJ & Tiger. Until Federer can figure out Nadal on a consistent basis, he will never be considered 'greatest ever' (Sports Illustrated)

Friday, June 8, 2007


CAVS: Anderson Varejao, Drew Gooden, & Scot Pollard
SPURS: Fabricio Oberto, Manu Ginobili, & Brent Barry

Prediction: Spurs in 5

Exclusive Photo of Amanda Beard from PLAYBOY

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Can you call it a crossroads if they have only tasted failure? Great article from SI.COM about the the state of US soccer and why we should be tuning in.


Is this an audition tape? How in the world did that guy get a job on TV and I am still blogging away? It's like he forgets where he is midway through and has to look around for help. I have not seen someone as uncomfortable in front of the camera since Vagina Power's Alexyss Tylor's mom got her face on Youtube. Below is best of Vagina Power.


Straight off of the success of his directorial debut, Bobby, Emilio Estevez leads a rag tag group to another Stanley Cup Championship. Were any of you watching?


Word out of Orlando reports that with the signing of Stan Van Gundy, they will have to give the Miami Heat a 2nd round pick from this years draft, and a undisclosed pick from next years draft. The Heat were not interested in compensation when rumors had Van Gundy going west to Sacramento. So lets recap the Magic's week; They signed Billy Donovan, 3 days later Billy Donovan backs out of his deal, then they sign the other Van Gundy, and on that same day they have to give up 2 draft picks. Sounds like a tough week to be a fan of the Magic. Now they must figure out how to get some more scoring in their lineup.

The Lakers are actively pursuing big men to help Kobe out. Reports have the Pacers offering up Jermaine O'Neal and Jamaal Tinsley for Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom, Kwame Brown, and the Lakers First round pick. O'Neal would provide the Lakers with the force inside they have been missing since that other O'Neal was jettisoned from LA, but that is a lot to give up for a guy who while good, has never been able to put his team on his back. Tinsley is a good point guard, but he would be terribly out of place in Phil Jackson's triangle offense, which requires the pg to be able to hit three pointers. As for the Pacers, they would be receiving every usable piece out of LA except for Kobe. Bynum is a nice prospect, Odom is an extremely versatile forward who has yet to find the right team, Brown is an athletic bust, and the pick is a throw away in most draft, but this is one of the deepest drafts I have seen.

The Ron Artest in Sacramento project looks to be coming to a close. Nobody on the team enjoyed playing with him, nor did they appreciate his antics off of the court. This will be Artest's 3rd team he leaves in a worse position, which is becoming part of his persona now. You would think that all teams in the league would notice what a cancer he has been and not touch him, however he is a tremendous talent, and talent will always get you a job. All Artest needs is one team to buy into the idea that they have the right nucleus to make this work. Could this team be the Miami Heat? With Shaq, Wade, and Riley in place, would Artest cause the same issues he has in other cities where he tried to be the man? This could be another Rodman to the Bulls situation, where it was just right place at the right time. Artest would be the perfect complement to Wade and Shaq, since he can provide his own offense, will rebound, and shut down the other teams best player.

The Phoenix Suns seem to be replicating a lot in the frontcourt, so maybe it is time to thin out that glut and bring in some other type of players. Would they be interested in trying to work out a Marion for Jermain O'Neal swap. Outside of the other pieces to make the salary cap work, imagine a Suns team with Nash, Stoudamire, and O'Neal. They would not be as fast, but they would be able to win in the playoffs. That is a nightmare of a lineup for other teams to try to match up with.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Kevin Youkilis Works for Scooter Libby!?!

This picture was on the front page of the NY Times today.

Doesn't this look like RED SOX 1st baseman and future Jackie Clarke ex-husband, Kevin Youkilis, escorting convicted Bush felon, Scooter Libby?


(Originally posted on

TALK ABOUT IT: Liv Tyler plants one on Kate Bosworth

Just because we can.


Billy Donovan's flip flop is complete with a 5 year NBA ban. Congrats Billy on playing second fiddle once again to Urban Meyer and the Gators football team.

London Olympics Logo, Swastika?

You decide.


I say Eeek!


In the where are they now segment for today, former NBA player Keon Clark was arrested on warrants for drunken driving and trespassing in Champaign County, Illinois. Looks like Clark's post playing days are turning out to be a lot like his days on the court, where he was known for good games followed by a series of games where he did not show up. Clark was a super-athletic big man who played above the rim as well as anybody, but his laziness held him back. Now it appears that same laziness has held him back from appearing in court, thereby forcing the cops to come to his door. Clark is like the pretty girl in high school, who flirts with you for help with her homework, and then does not talk to you the next day. Shame on you Clark and other girls of your ilk!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


When will the Dolphins realize that going after a quarterback coming off of a majory injury is the wrong way to go? The Curse of Marino is alive and well in Miami. Since Marino retired in 1999 the Dolphins have had Jay Fiedler, Ray Lucas, Brian Griese, AJ Feely, Sage Rosenfels, Gus Frerotte, Daunte Cullpeper, Joey Harrington, and Cleo Lemon. Outside of Cullpeper, this is a list of career backups, but let it be known that Culpepper came to Miami after a serious injury, a bad season in Minnesota, and a rushed rehab, making him nothing more than a high priced backup. So will Miami's most recent plan to bring in Trent Green be any different? Two years ago Green was a Pro Bowl quarterback leading one of the most potent offenses in football, but the same was said about Culpepper. It is true that Green is coming off of a concussion and not a major knee injury, but talk to Steve Young or Troy Aikman about the severity of concussions before you say it won't carry over. I for one am hoping that Green succeeds in Miami at least long enough for rookie John Beck to get comfortable with the offense and the speed of the pro game. However, after looking at that laundry list of mediocre quarterbacks that we have had since Marino walked out the door, I am just not confident. Sorry Miami, but I will always be a fan, I am just low on confidence these days.

I'm Roger Clemens My Penis Hurts

"Waaaah! Waaah! Wah! Wah! I'm Roger Clemens. My pee pee hurts. I can't pitch a baseball even though I'm being paid 8 billion dollars to do so. Wah! My penis hurts. I can't play. It's my penis. My penis hurts. OW! Stop looking at my penis! It hurts. I'm 45. I haven't crapped in 12 days. It is hurting my penis. OW! My penis!"

- Roger Clemens

(Originally posted on


In an interview in the June issue of GQ magazine, the typically outspoken Tigers designated hitter crashed into another wall when he said Latin players have replaced African-Americans as baseball's most prevalent minority because they are easier to control.

"I called it years ago. What I called is that you're going to see more black faces, but there ain't no English going to be coming out. … [It's about] being able to tell [Latin players] what to do -- being able to control them,"

"Where I'm from, you can't control us. You might get a guy to do it that way for a while because he wants to benefit, but in the end, he is going to go back to being who he is. And that's a person that you're going to talk to with respect, you're going to talk to like a man.

"These are the things my race demands. So, if you're equally good as this Latin player, guess who's going to get sent home? I know a lot of players that are home now can outplay a lot of these guys."

What Sheffield does not seem to understand is that it is this type of stupidity that makes teams want to shy away from him and other outspoken players. Sheffield has Hall of Fame type career stats, but his mouth has always gotten him in trouble, therefore he has moved from team to team his whole career. Sheff if you are worried about keeping your job, here is a tip: shut your mouth.

As far as the influx of Latin players in baseball, all you have to do is look at their sports culture. Baseball is king there, with no sport other than soccer coming close, while in America there are a ton of sports for kids to play. Therefore with so many kids in their culture playing baseball, it is only fitting that there have been many major league players produced. This is not uncommon in major sports these days that have a history of being played predominantly by Americans (i.e. Boxing & Basketball). Baseball's globalization has been nothing but good for the game and if Sheffield can not recognize that, then that is his loss, not baseballs.



"I’ve already told her I’m not missing any games. I’m not missing any games because of the birth of my second child. I was there for my first one. Definitely going to be tough on me but I think she understands how much I love my teammates and how much they mean."

Lebron James on the birth of his 2nd child, which may happen during the NBA Finals.


"One day I want to be the face of the league for guys who have come through adversity and ultimately become the Man of the Year in the NFL," Johnson said in May following his release from jail. "That would be a tremendous ending to this story. That's something I'm striving for. I would love to do that."

For those of you who do not know who did not know of Tank Johnson's plan to go to war with door to door salesman and Jehovah's Witnesses, just take a look at his most recent arrest record. Tank was charged with six misdemeanor counts of unlawful possession of a weapon without a Firearm Owner's Identification card following a raid of his home. The six counts resulted from the cache of six guns discovered -- including a three handguns, a rifle and two assult weapons.

What did you think was coming for you Tank, The Deathstar?

Monday, June 4, 2007

What's Up Baseball? Get Yourself Under Control

Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano takes a swing at Cubs catcher Michael Barrett

Cubs manager losses his mind and temporarily loses his job

Braves AA Manager gets tossed for tossing pretend Grenades


With all the talk about Lebron James being the greatest thing since sliced bread, I am left wondering why everyone has forgotten so quickly about Dwayne Wade's great playoff run last year. The guy averaged 28.4 ppg while shooting 50% from the floor. He was great every game unlike Lebron who disappeared in game 1,2,&6 against the Pistons. Wade also came back from injury in game 3 against those same Pistons and led his team to victory. NBA writers seem to have short term memory deficiency if they think Lebron put up the greatest performance since Jordan's last title run. I know their is a dying need to create an epic story any chance we can, but lets not do it at the expense of something really great, like Dwayne Wade's title run last season. Lets save the superlatives annointing the greatness of Lebron till he has actually won a title, and lets not even dare put him in same sentence as Magic, Bird, and Jordan, cause those guys did it year after year.