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Eli Manning's Dad Thinks He Stinks!

I am very excited that the New England Patriots are going to the Superbowl (a day before my birthday)!

And I'm surprised that the NY Giants upset Green Bay to take the NFC title. I dread living in NYC as a Patriots fan is going to be torture for the next two weeks. Already I'm getting stupid IMs and texts from my Giants loving friends who are convinced that the Giants will take away the Patriots (so far) perfect season.

Like this gem from my dope of a friend, Ivan (who lives in Boston now, incidentally): ALL OF A SUDDEN, THERE WAS ONE TEAM LEFT BETWEEN A PERFECT SEASON AND THIS TIME WE WON'T LOSE. The caps are all his. Giants fans like to scream. Even over Instant Message.

The Pats faced the Giants in their last game of the regular season. Conventional wisdom said that the Giants, a wild-card team, would rest their starters and this would be an easy win for the Pats. Nope. They played everyone and played well. The Pats won but they won ugly. Most sports talkers credit that game for giving the Giants their mojo. So the Superbowl should be a good game.

Today I'm reading the post-mortem on all of the games and most of the NYC papers are anointing Eli Manning the Second Coming of Sliced Bread when I happened upon this article in the NY Times with this quote from Eli Manning's father:

“We’re not saying he’s Phil Simms or anything,” Archie Manning said after his son had gone to the interview room. “I just never thought he was as bad as some people thought he was.”
I almost feel bad for the droop-faced schlub. I am sure Christmas at the Manning household went something like this:

Petyon: Yay! A bike! And a telescope! And a box filled with my parents love and approval!
Eli: Yay! Underwear!

Eli Manning's Daddy thinks he stinks. And he said so in the NY Times, the paper of record. Giants have no chance.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Episode 12: Lifetime Television for Women Presents the Terrell Owens Story

Listen HERE

Happy New Year! And welcome to the first podcast of 200Great! Jackie and Tim start out strong with the Hitlist. They try to talk hockey but Tim fell asleep. So the Idiots stick with the big news. And the big news of late has been crying, steroids and playoff football! The steroid scandal gets weirder with Clemens roiding out during a press conferences about and entertainment luminaries, Mary J. Blige and Tyler Perry are implicated. Huzzah Wuzzah!?!

Jackie reminds Tim that he owes her $100 and plays him a taped phone conversation to prove it. (If you listen close enough you can hear the tears drop on the phone.) But Tim redeems himself and his manhood with a kick-ass exclusive interview with Dallas Cowboys playoff killer, Jessica Simpson.

"I'm not a big gay guy"

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Joe Simpson Brings Down Another Career

"Joe is well-known for his deals with the paparazzi, where the family gets a cut from the sales of the photographs," says an insider.
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