Monday, June 9, 2008


  • Vinny Del Negro offered head coaching job by the Bulls. Apparently all it takes to get a top coaching position is to have been a bench warmer on an NBA team. (ESPN)
  • Michael Strahan to spend the next half of his life getting that gap fixed.
  • Dominick Hasek is done dominating. I had no idea Hasek was still playing in the NHL, cause he rode the bench the last few seasons, but evidently I was wrong.

Another Reason To Love Deadspin: They Hate Skip Bayless

Check out Deadspin today and vote on whether you approve of Skip Bayless or not. It is our opinion here that he is the most annoying voice on television. (DEADSPIN)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cursing Is Cool

Now I hate showing something taped with a video camera off of a TV, this coaching tirade by the Seattle Mariners coach is too good to pass up. If I could have found it sans shaky video camera, I would have. 11 curse words are how you rant coaches.


  • Why can't Joe Dumars be the GM of my team? (Larry Brown Sports)
    "If he gets the feeling something isn’t right, regardless of how good the performance is, you have to make the change."
  • The connection between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant...Mitch Richmond (Mercury News)
    "Both guys, when they've got you in a cage, they're going to keep you in there," Richmond said this week. "They're going to kill you and keep killing you until you're dead."
  • NHL season is over and luckily ESPN has the playoff cliff notes for us. (ESPN)
    "Sean Avery's strange puppet-boy dance in front of Devils goalie Martin Brodeur in the first round."
  • Someone tell me if poll position really matters in Horse Racing. (ESPN)
    "The post could be a lucky one for an undefeated colt that really doesn't need any extra edge: It's produced the most Belmont winners (23) since 1905."
  • Kelly Pavlick is a great boxer, so how can he make you care? (ESPN)
    "Every young star should get a future Hall of Famer on his record. Pavlik hasn't gotten one yet and may never. He must get one if he wants to be a star, and (Roy) Jones fits the bill."

Kimbo Sliced Up This Dude's Ear

Mixed Martial Arts is taking over where high school wrestling left off.