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EPISODE 4: Clemens Rapes Kobe

The new Red Sox charity wines are getting Jackie's boat floating and she and Tim are excited about Shaq's new reality show "Shaq's Big Challenge" where he takes 6 obese children and teaches them to be obese and athletic. The big sports story for Tim is Kobe Bryant demanding to be traded from the LA Lakers. Jackie takes this opportunity to make rape and Nutella jokes. Ken Griffey Junior and Vernon Wells handle baseball hecklers with panache; Jackie and Tim handle podcast hecklers with zero panache. They end Episode 4 with Clemens talk - big surprise - the Idiots think Clemens in a turd sandwich.

Download the episode.


Does that remind anyone of something?

What a tool-beater.

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Tim! I need you to buy me this! Manny Being Merlot!

Tim seriously - I need you to buy me this.

There is a minimum of 6 bottles. But I think I am worth it. Don't you? Here is a link to the order form.


I will be the first to admit I was wrong about Lebron James. A week ago I was bashing him for not being a superstar of the same ilk as Kobe and Dwayne, and all he has done since to prove me wrong is put his team on his back for 2 straight wins. The Cavs are by far a less talented team than the Pistons, but with Lebron as their leader they are working their tails off and scrapping for every loose ball. Lebron has re-asserted himself as a dominant scorer and playmaker. He almost had another triple double last night even without his sidekick Larry Hughes, who appears to be out for the playoffs. The Pistons had no answer for him on D, but it was really Lebron's D on Chauncey Billups that made the difference. Lebron kept Billups out of the post, which is his strength, thereby making the Pistons refocus their offense. This was crucial in their victory. If Lebron keeps on playing like this, we will have a star from the 2005 draft lead his team to the championship game. This draft has already been talked about in the same vein as the 1984 draft, but until Lebron gets his team to the Finals I reserve my vote.

Miss Universe Gets Booed; Falls on Her Ass; Tony Romo

Oh. My. God.

It is sort of amazing that beauty pageants are still around what with it being 2007 and all. But I am never one to turn away from the magical formula that is dumb, beautiful women and extemporaneous questions answered in front of a live audience. The result is usually amusing and this year's Miss Universe pageant did not disappoint. The pageant took place in Mexico and the anti-American feelings were audible. Audible as in, Miss USA was booed during her speech. And she FELL ON HER ASS. This Miss Universe Pageant gets an A for failure! And that's the best grade!

I spent the weekend in Massachusetts so I caught the 11 pm Boston news last night. The local ABC affiliate has some of the worst reporting known to man. And they played this clip of the Miss Universe Pageant.

A pretty girl falling is always an amazing good time. A pretty girl falling on international TV and then vamping like a drag-queen is nirvana. Holy shit, is that fun to watch. Seriously pause the clip at 0:17 and give yourself a treat. That look is priceless. Girls who give that look often have anal sex without even knowing it.

The fall clip is amazing but nothing compared to this clip which did not make it to the Boston news.

Ok, there is a lot going on here so I need to slow down.

I'm not a journalist but one would think that the fact that Miss USA gets booed for simply being American should be a bigger news story than her falling on her ass. And there is very little coverage of it today. TONS of coverage of her fall. But the current political climate which has caused this young lady from Tennessee to be booed is getting very little attention. It is amazingly American to broadcast the fall - a simple human gaffe - and not the protest-based booing that is a result of xenophobic rhetoric and cowboy politics. Miss USA should send a nut-punch Lou Dobbs' way.

But enough soapboxing. This clip is funny.

First we have the Miss Universe hosts, Vanessa Minnillo and Mario Lopez. Beauty pageants always have B celebs as hosts and this year they have younger more ethnic B celeb hosts. They were both ok, but they were bland in the way people who are more attractive than talented often are. I don't mind Vanessa Minnillo, she has that 'girl next door who steals your liquor' quality about her that I find charming.

So Miss USA is called to answer her question and the booing starts IMMEDIATELY. And Miss USA and our hosts just ignore it. They just pretend it isn't there. I imagine it is like trying to read the paper while someone robs your house. How do you ignore that? It is amazing. Finally Vanessa Minnillo squeaks out "Uno momento, por favor," while Mario Lopez stares blankly into space I am sure wondering how he lost "Dancing with the Stars" last season.

But the best part is yet to come. Minnillo announces the judge who will be asking the question and it is TONY ROMO - the failure QB for the Dallas Cowboys. For those who need reminding here is a picture of him dropping the snap. Ah, that picture never gets old. No good international booing of the United States is complete without a good boo to the devil of all football teams, the Dallas Cowboys. If A-Rod and Jeter had been there for a special "Salute to Strange Heads" segment I could have died an early and complete death. Can you imagine the Cowboys and the Yankees being booed in one evening. I would have moved to Mexico.

But what is Romo doing judging a Miss Universe pageant? Shouldn't he be learning how to QB? Fine by me, Romo. Keep this tour of purse holding (Carrie Underwood) and pageant judging up. Maybe we will see you on Surreal Life next year.

And such is the amazement known as Miss Universe.

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Tim is Creepy

Yes, Alison Stokke is pretty but somehow posting a picture of an 18 year-old girl and calling her the "hottest girl in sports" is gross. How about the "hottest child in sports." And Tim is not alone in his creepiness - check out .

Guys are so amazingly retarded they go bonkers when two of their favorite things combine: hot girls and sports. What if she shot beer out of her nose? Would you kidnap her and make her live in your basement, Tim???

Anyway. Alison looks a lot like Minka Kelly who is on "Friday Night Lights" a show you all SHOULD be watching! Come on! It is a football drama for the love of David Ortiz!

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Looks like I finally found a female athlete to top my list. Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce to the most bangable girl in sports; California High Schooler Allison Stokke. Now I know she is in High School, but c'mon she is 18, so we can write about her. I do not condone the stalking that she has had to endure, but I will not discourage you from legal forms of courting.


The NBA Rumor Mill is hot right now with the Kobe Bryant giving the Lakers an ultimatum. So lets get to it:

-Word out of Dallas today has a monster trade floating around: KOBE for DIRK. This would be one of the biggest trades the NBA has ever seen, so I doubt it would ever happen, but that still does not stop me from taking a look at each teams starting 5 after the trade.

MAVS: Desagna Diop, Josh Howard, Kobe Bryant, Jason Terry, Devin Harris
This makes the Mavs really small, so if this trade happens, look for them to look to move Terry for a big man. Would they be interested in the Blazers Zach Randolph or Knicks forward Channing Frye? Both guys are on the trading block and the swap would work for either teams. Imagine the Mavs lineup now with Randolph or Frye instead of Terry; pretty nasty in my opinion. A lineup of Harris, Kobe, and Howard would be the fastest in the league and killer defensively. The only worry would be rebounding in the front court, but Randolph did get 10 rpg last year. This team would also be able score the ball in so many ways it would be scary.

LAKERS: Andrew Bynum, Dirk Nowitzki, Lamar Odom, Maurice Evans, Jordan Farmar
On paper this gives the Lakers a really big squad, but upon further assessment of the big guys games shows that Nowitzki and Odom are both more comfortable at the high post. Bynum is a very skilled young big guy who is going to get better every year. How Nowitzki's game would develop without the team need of him being a post scorer? Odom is versatile enough to blend his game into whatever the players around him are best at. The real weakness would be in the backcourt where Evans and Farmar are both sub par. Would the Lakers be able to trade Luke Walton for a SG or pick one up via Free Agency?

Overall this trade opens the door for 2 teams struggling for an identity to swap superstars, and in take a step forward. Both squads would be noticeably different, but still in the playoff picture. If ever there was a time for 2 superstars to be swapped straight up, it is now.

GINOBLI Leads Spurs One Game Closer to the NBA Finals

Despite this hard foul by Mehmet Okur, Manu Ginobli wins last nights tough guy award for leading the Spurs to victory. He was everywhere in the fourth quarter, hitting shots, playing D, and especially riling up the Jazz. Ginobli's aggressive play and his flops accounted for both Derek Fisher and Jerry Sloan getting tossed from the game. Ginobli is one of the best flopper's that the game has ever seen, controlled the tempo in the 4th quarter by faking fouls. Say what you want about his method of playing, but one can not argue that it is effective. He single handily rattled the Jazz last night, and consequently showed the glaring difference between the two teams composure's down the stretch. Winning basketball games deep in the playoffs depends a lot on being able to withstand bad calls and cheap shot, and the Jazz were unable to do such.

-The Jazz will go nowhere without Mehmet Okur contributing more than 5 points. Okur's ability to score from deep was a big help for his team getting by the Warriors, but it has disappeared in the playoffs. In his defense, he has played great D on Duncan, but they need his offense, cause they do not have anyone else who can be a third scorer.

-Deron Williams has quietly become one of the top 5 point guards in the league, and I can't wait to see him play for Team USA this summer.

-Fabricio Oberto is one of the best close to the basket scorers in the game.

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The NBA's Immigration Problem

"All that flopping, they need to make that a technical foul for next year. That's not defense in the fourth quarter and I'm glad we have veteran officials to see that."
-- Pistons forward Rasheed Wallace, referring to Anderson Varejao's sprawl fall on Sheed's shot that gave Detroit the lead for good.

This is not getting any better as the playoffs continue. Varejao will make way for the Best Actor winner 3 years running, Ginobili. And its not just South Americans, futbol-loving Frenchy Tony Parker is feeling the foreign influence, too. If thi gets any worse, the NBA is going to have to shut down its borders.

Basketball is not soccer
Say 'NO' to the Manu Flop
Take a Freedom Charge like a man

A-ROD Stokes The Fire Again!

Nothing funnier than a crotch shot. Happy Friday

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NBA RANT (Draft Order Edition)

- The Western Conference only got stronger with the top two players ending up in Portland and Seattle.

- Portland has the best young talent in the NBA with Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge, and now Greg Oden. It has not taken them long to wash away the moniker of the JAILBLAZERS.

- Zach Randolph seems really out of place with this squad, so look for a team like Dallas to try to peddle Jason Terry their way. This moves works out superb for both teams, as Dallas adds the interior scoring and toughness they have needed, while the Blazers get a veteran to run the point.

- Will the Supersonics play small ball next year? By securing the rights to the #2 pick, which should be Kevin Durant, they are replicating free agent to be Rashard Lewis. Would Lewis stay in Seattle now that there is another offensive star to play with? If so, could Lewis cover the other big guys in the West, he is 6'11", but rail thin?

- Could the Sonics pull off a sign and trade deal with Lewis that would net them a big man? Why not take a look at Randolph? This swap makes a lot of sense for me for both teams as well.

- The Celtics are cursed! Ever since Larry Bird has retired nothing has gone right for this franchise.

- Will the Hawks draft for need or talent at #3? Last year they went with need, Shelden Williams, but the previous few years it was based on talent. The Hawks draft in the #3 spot, and the most talent is at the F position, but their roster already loaded with young talent there. Will they roll the dice on the top point guard, Mike Conley, or can they trade down and still get him?

- Most Overated Lottery Prospect: Julian Wright - The guy can't hit a 10 foot shot
- Most Underrated Lottery Prospect: Al Horford - Fearless rebounder who is very skilled near the hoop.


1Greg Oden
7-0 C, Ohio State
2Kevin Durant
6-10 SF, Texas
3Mike Conley
6-0 PG, Ohio State
4Yi Jianlian
7-0 PF, China
5Brandan Wright
6-10 PF, North Carolina
6Corey Brewer
6-8 SG, Florida
7Al Horford
6-9 PF, Florida
8Jeff Green
6-8 SF, Georgetown
9Spencer Hawes
7-0 C, Washington
10Julian Wright
6-9 SF, Kansas
11Joakim Noah
6-11 PF, Florida
12Al Thornton
6-7 SF, Florida State
13Nick Young
6-6 SG, USC
14Acie Law
6-3 PG, Texas A&M
15Thaddeus Young
6-8 SF, Georgia Tech
16Rodney Stuckey
6-4 SG, Eastern Wash.
17Jason Smith
7-0 PF, Colorado State
18Sean Williams
6-10 C, Boston College
19Brandon Rush
6-7 SG, Kansas
20Josh McRoberts
6-10 PF, Duke
21Javaris Crittenton
6-5 PG, Georgia Tech
22Marco Belinelli
6-6 SG, Italy
23Tiago Splitter
7-0 PF, Brazil
24Gabe Pruitt
6-4 PG, USC
25Daequan Cook
6-5 SG, Ohio State
26Ante Tomic
7-2 C, Croatia
27Aaron Gray
7-0 C, Pittsburgh
28Rudy Fernandez
6-6 SG, Spain
29DeVon Hardin
6-11 C, California
30Marc Gasol
7-0 C, Spain

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Cavs let one slip away.

Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers let one slip away last night, and all the fingers in the media were pointed in his direction. Fair or not, Lebron will always be praised when his team wins and blamed when his team blamed. The question today is should he have taken the last shot instead of kicking it out to Donyell Marshall for a wide open chance at a go ahead three pointer? Lebron had the path to the basket, and when you are the go to guy on the team you have to take the shot. He had only attempted 3 shots in the fourth quarter, which is uncalled for when you are player of his caliber. Yes, he had been setting up his teammates for shots, and yes he did on that last possession, but when you average 29 ppg on the season and you finish with 10 points, there is something wrong. The Cavs are not a good scoring team, and that is accentuated when their main guy is afraid to go to the hoop. Too often it looked like he wanted the ball out of his hands instead of taking on the responsibility of being 'the man'.

Michael Jordan's career was made not by just hitting the big shot, but by passing off for someone else to hit the big shot. However, this was after he poured in 30 or more points each time. Maybe this is our problem, for too long we have tried to compare Lebron to Jordan. This was the dream of the NBA, Nike, and Lebron himself, who opted to wear number 23, but their will never be another Michael Jordan. Jordan was a once in a lifetime player, and maybe someday Lebron will be as well, but it does not look like he has what it takes be the same style of clutch scorer as MJ was.

Wanting to take the big shot is a trait you are born with, not something you can learn. Just because Lebron does not have this trait, does not mean he is not a great player. He is one of those special players that can control a game without being a scorer. If Marshall hit that final three pointer last night, James would have finished the night with a triple double. The Cavs stayed in the game with James not being a scorer, but that was a result of great games played by his supporting cast. You can't count on this happening each game, so Lebron better figure out a way to put the ball in the hoop against this feisty Pistons D. Here's a tip Lebron, you need to take more than 3 shots in the fourth quarter.

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Now here is one guy I will not ask to watch my Dog over Thanksgiving.

Why Did We Ever Think This Guy Wanted To Play Football?

Talk About THIS

Welcome To Paradise, Mr. Tomlin

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Clemens is a disgrace

With all the media clamoring about what a savior Roger Clemens is going to be for the Yankees, I think they are all missing out of the fact that he is disgracing the game of baseball. For all of my gripes with baseball, one thing that I have always loved is the team concept. No one player able to carry a team to a championship, and it is shown every year. Barry Bonds is undoubtedly the best batter of his generation, but he has never won a ring because he teams were never good enough. However, for all those Bonds bashers out there, I do applaud him for never giving up on his team. He has never demanded a trade or jumped from team to team searching for a one year paycheck. Bonds has committed to his team and that should be commended.

Clemens is the lowest of the baseball lows at this point. He is nothing more than a hired gun, who holds teams in need of a top line pitcher hostage until they give into his demands. This is devaluing the belief in teamwork, and consequently putting himself above the game. Clemens will not have to travel with the team on days he is not pitching, nor did he have to go through spring training with the guys; these are the times that the World Series are won! Games are won here and there, but championships are won by coming together as a team from day 1. Clemens does not seem to get that, nor do the teams in trouble, but can you blame the team.

A team like the Yankees needed a quick fix to jump back into the playoff race, and there is no guy better out there than Clemens, but that does not make it right. Clemens is setting up a bad standard for the future of baseball in this world of free agency. There will no doubt be ring chasers signing on for one last shot at glory late into the season, and you can thank/blame Roger Clemens for this.

Scoop Jackson has a great article on this on ESPN.Com today

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Warriors no more

Get used to this position Baron Davis, because there will be no more playoffs for you. The feel good Warriors were eliminated last night by a Jazz team that exploited their strength inside. Davis was great during the playoffs, as were his teammates, but their short rotation eventually led to their downfall. They could not keep up their frenetic pace that was so effective versus the Mavericks for a second straight series. Their 3-point shooting and ball pressure suffered the most as fatigue set in. Golden State was the great story of the playoffs to date and their high paced games and great crowd will be missed.

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Episode 3: Keller Me Red is Up!

Download Episode 3 here.

Jackie and Tim begin the episode with an interview with the Grandfather of Sports Broadcasting, Jack "Red" Cutter (courtesy of producer Mark Vitelli's connections); The "Talk About It Enemies List" is born - better hope you're not on it; Tim allows Jackie to devote an entire segment to how awesome the Red Sox are, we get a report from Marty the One Man Party who was an eyewitness at the Fenway Pizza Throwing Incident and we talk bloody Sock and Producer Mark thinks it is funny to play the Buckner clip (it's not - Jackie/ it is - Tim); and to end the episode we talk NFL draft, Jackie wants to know why men love to eat food and watch the draft Tim thinks she's crazy.

Vince "The Choke" Carter

Another playoff game brought forth another chance for Vince Carter to take that next step towards superstardom. The stage was set for Carter to make the game winning play in a game that the Nets needed for a legitamate chance to stay alive in the playoffs, and he dribbles off his foot out of bounds.

Carter is one of those remarkable athletes whose God-given abilities make you drool at the sight of him, but after watching him year after year in the playoffs you realize they are just a tease. Ever since his third season in the league, when he flew to North Carolina to recieve his Diploma the morning of game 7 versus the 76ers only to arrive back at the game just prior to tipoff, Carter has failed to deliver when on the biggest stage. I would never fault anyone for feeling the need to be present at their graduation, but the basketball Gods might not feel the same way.

Carter figured to be the heir apparent to Michael Jordan at that point, but as his career unfolded from that point on, he has never become more than a Dominique Wilkins. Wilkins, like Carter, was a tremendously talented player that never quite put it together enough to get his team to that next level. Both players thrive in an individual game, but individual talent does not go very far in the playoffs. Carter's weakness were never more apparent than they are right now. He is on a Nets team with the ultimate playmaker of this generation in Jason Kidd, but that has not translated to him becoming a superstar along the lines of Kobe or DWade. Kidd's ability to facilitate all of his teammates should allow Carter to take over the game as a scorer, but Carter fell in love with his jumper long ago. Instead of attacking the bucket when his team needs a hoop he floats around the perimeter eventually settling on a contested jumpshot.

There should never be a moment like last night when Eric Snow keeps him from getting to the hoop for the final play. Snow is 4 inches shorter than Carter and is not close to the same athlete as he is, yet Carter allowed Snow to dictate the play, which eventually led to him dribbling off of his foot. This is typical of the ever maddening career of Vince Carter. A career in which he will lead your team in scoring every season, but should touch the ball with the game on the line.

Carter will be a free agent this offseason, and will undoubtably get paid like a superstar. However, I warn all teams who think he can be the face of their franchise to take a look at his playoff failures before showing him the money. Vince Carter is nothing more than a Choker!

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Whose Bush is it anyway?

NFL Rookie sensation Reggie Bush was spotted out this past weekend with Kim Kardashian, star of ... nothing. Bush has made a career out of scoring, but have any been as big as this? Kardashian is an LA socialite, who I guess made her name by making a sex tape, and previously dating Nick Cannon. Last week they were seen around LA getting pretty hot and heavy. This begs the question, how long till Reggie Bush's next highlight film is taped in his bedroom?

HERCULES: Talk About A Contest!

Words can not describe the amazement running through my body right now as I look at this picture, so we are turning this into a contest. Best caption will get a guest spot on our next episode.

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Old Meet Young Meet Mumbles

This interview cracks me up.
Listen to Larry Merchant try to keep up with the mile-a-minute mouth of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Amazing. I can just see my Dad in the Larry Merchant role and having his head explode.

And now let's meet Floyd's Dad who has a Dreadlock Mullet.

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NBA chit chat

An AIM conversation with one of our NBA experts.

Who you got for the NBA finals?
Cleveland v. suns
that is a bold prediction, taking the Cavs to win the east. What makes you think Lebron and co. will get it done?
just think the playoffs, as d. wade proved last year, can be taken over by one player
and you think Lebron is good enough to be that guy? I am not sure that Lebron is even the best player in his series right now. Kidd and Carter will play better in the next game and for the series.
Right now I think the Pistons look dangerous enough to walk through the east
They dismantled the bulls.
Wasn't even close
I hear ya, i just for some reason think the Cavs might do it.
Fair enough. The suns missed a chance yesterday to take that game down the stretch
w/o Nash in crunch time hurt
Stoudamire missed a few shots at the end and they could not get a good look for 3 when they needed it
the pick and roll was working to perfection
Tony Parker had a great game.
He normally doesn't shoot like that.
Duncan is quietly still the most dominant post player in the game.
He doesn't get the love he should b/c he dominated Amare.
Parker plays the suns better than anyone else, b/c he is constantly attacking Nash.
His supporting cast is all look rested this year, which will make a difference in this series. I think we are looking at a 7 game series.
This is all depending on what Nash gives them after that gash on his nose and
Stoudamire needs to play Duncan even for them to win.
If the games are played like last nights the suns have big advantage, just based on the Spurs record when their opponents score 100.
I really want to know how the Warriors come out tonight. Will they be able to match the shooting efficiency they had in the Mavs series or will they come back to earth?
I think they run all over the jazz. They don't have enough defenders

Why would anyone ever make a action figure of coach Larry Coker? Seems to me that the least amount action revolved around this guy. If you are going to make a doll of a coach, I have 3 that would be good choices. Get the Tony Larusa drinking figure, the Tommy Lasorda little black book action figure, or the gambling Pete Rose.

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Tom Brady is not smart

Dumping your pregnant girlfriend is ok, this is not.

Tim called to tell me that Tom was spotted in a Yankees cap and I picked up the message right before I went into an audition and I thought, "why would Tim try to ruin my audition by telling me that?"

This is simply unacceptable. I know Tom is a genius quarterback and will be my ex-husband someday. But I am thinking he may not be the sharpest tool in the shed.

You get one chance, Tom. Then you get a spanking!

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Classic fights

With this weekend's fight between Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather, it got me thinking of classic fights that stuck in my head from growing up. Here 3 profiles of great fights that I found on Wikipedia. What I really love is seeing is how each fighters career panned out in the aftermath of these battles.


Mavs won't go quietly

With 3 minutes left and the Mavericks down 9 the sense of urgency that their fans have been looking for all playoffs finally kicked in. The Mavs outscored the Warriors 15-0 from that point on, led by Devin Harris attacking the basket and Dirk Nowitzki putting together his best stretch yet.
Dirk had been silent all series, mainly taken out of his game by the Warriors smaller & quicker defenders. If anyone knows Dirk, it is the man that coached him for most of his career, Don Nelson, and he is using that knowledge to his advantage. Dirk has made a living by using his quickness to destroy other teams big men, but this Warriors team is unique in the sense that they don't play big men. The Warriors have relied on a 7 man rotation that only has two forwards, instead going to a guard laden lineup that has been running men at Dirk every time he touches the ball.
This strategy has been tremendously effective until last night, when Dirk decided to be aggressive instead of wait for the double team. He showed last night, that he is at his best when he is looking for his shot. He is not a good passing big man, and the Warriors have cemented that, but he is good when he does not hesitate. Down the stretch last night he had a huge block, a couple threes, and some crucial free throws to keep his team from elimination. More play like this and the Mavs can defy the odds and come back from a 3-1 deficit.
As Dirk goes, so goes the fate of his team, but last night a old friend stepped up. Much like last years playoffs, Devin Harris was the real fire behind their comeback. Harris stepped up his D on Baron Davis forcing him to give up the ball at halfcourt, which took the Warriors out of their flow. Not settling for just being a defensive hero, Harris took the game upon his shoulders and started taking the ball right to the hoop. No play was bigger in getting his team going, than the three point play he got that sent Davis to the bench with his 6th foul. If Harris & Dirk continue to play inspired basketball, we will be looking at one of the greatest playoff comebacks and this series will be talked about for years to come.